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    2019 year
    16 day
    Winhealth work hand in hand with Rainbow Program again to give study-aid to underprivileged children

    Another 31 students! Winhealth works hand in hand with Rainbow Program again to give study-aid to underprivileged children! 

    On November 16, 2019, Winhealth Pharma Group once again participated in the 'Rainbow Program' activity to assist the impoverished students. In the list of many students, the staff of Winhealth carefully selected 31 impoverished students and completed on-site pairing, so as to help the Rainbow students overcome difficulties, bring them warmth and love, and witness the realization of their dreams! 

    再添31人!维健医药再度携手彩虹计划为贫困儿童助学圆梦! 再添31人!维健医药再度携手彩虹计划为贫困儿童助学圆梦!

    The main venue of the Rainbow Program was located in Jiali Center in downtown Hangzhou, and the sub-venue was at the square of Fruit Orchard Wetland Park in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province. In the warmth of the sun on the weekend, 14 employees from the Finance Center, Business and Channel Sales Department, Marketing Center and Administrative Planning Department of Winhealth Pharma Group arrived at Jiali Center in Hangzhou early, and actively participated in the 'Rainbow Program'. We watched the moving stories about the Rainbow students on the stage on the spot, and looked for impoverished students in the data area for pairing. At the Rainbow Fair, many people also bought agricultural and sideline products from mountainous areas, and donated money to show their love for the children. 

    Different from previous years, this time our members were divided into 6 groups, and each group selected 5-6 impoverished students to provide them with financial and emotional support and help. After our preliminary screening, we finally selected 31 students from the many Rainbow students before the end of the activity, and completed love pairing with them! 

    再添31人!维健医药再度携手彩虹计划为贫困儿童助学圆梦! 再添31人!维健医药再度携手彩虹计划为贫困儿童助学圆梦!

    再添31人!维健医药再度携手彩虹计划为贫困儿童助学圆梦! 再添31人!维健医药再度携手彩虹计划为贫困儿童助学圆梦!

    Winhealth Pharma Group is a frequent caller of the 'Rainbow Program'. Last year, we joined the program and helped 18 Rainbow pursue their dreams, contributed our best to them, and received many thank-you messages and letters from the paired families after the event. ......however, this is just the beginning of our efforts, and Winhealth has never stopped its pace on the road of philanthropy. 

    As the activity went on, people came with their friends or children from all directions to participate in this annual grand gathering featuring the theme of love. The children put on wonderful performances at the pairing gathering. In addition to the students from the plateau and mountain areas who came all the way, there were also thousands of Rainbow students from all over the country. Their data were printed out on sheets of paper which were pasted on the Wall of Love, and were taken down by people one after another. The Rainbow Fair and Love Fair were also quite bustling! 

    At the end of the event on the day, the program '1818 Golden Eyes' of Zhejiang Satellite TV gave a detailed report on this event. In the report, we saw the staff of Winhealth busy selecting the Rainbow students and filling in information on the scene. Winhealth philanthropy, we are always on the way! 

    再添31人!维健医药再度携手彩虹计划为贫困儿童助学圆梦! 再添31人!维健医药再度携手彩虹计划为贫困儿童助学圆梦!

    In the second year of its participation in the 'Rainbow Program', Winhealth Pharma Group has paired a total of 49 Rainbow students. All these convey the attitude of Winhealth Pharma Group: pay attention to philanthropy, devote itself to philanthropy, lend a helping hand to those in need, bring warmth and help to the society, and carry forward the positive energy of the society!


    If more and more people contribute a little bit of love constantly, it can be turned into Big Love. Winhealth Pharma Group has always adhered to the corporate values of people orientation, and has continuously carried out philanthropic practice to pass love on. Working hand in hand with the Rainbow Program, Winhealth Pharma Group has lit up dreams for children in the mountainous areas, and laid a bright road for them. Look at the bright sunshine, children, please believe that you will definitely have a better world!

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