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    2017 year
    27 day
    Congratulate Zhejiang Zhejiang Medical Technology Development Co., Ltd. Becoming the Exclusive Agent

    Congratulate Zhejiang Medical Technology Development Co., Ltd. signing an agreement with Merz Germany. On October 27, 2017, Zhejiang Medical Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Merz Germany held an agreement signing ceremony for Contractubex in Wuxi, Jiangsu. Zhejiang Medical has officially become the exclusive agent of Contractubex in China.

    Congratulate Zhejiang Zhejiang Medical Technology Development Co., Ltd. Becoming the Exclusive Agent

    Contractubex® is the most popular scar treatment medicine around the world.

    Contractubex® has successfully been used to treat scars for more than 50 years. It is the scar treatment medicine sold best in over 60 countries and often recommended by doctors around the world.

    The curative effect of Contractubex® has been proved in many clinical researches. It combines three active ingredients, which can go deep into the scar and remove scar from inside. The effect is dramatic. The scar will disappear.

    Patients are highly satisfied with the effect of Contractubex®. Positive experiences have shown the successful treatment results of many patients after they used Contractubex® gel.


    Merz is an emerging independent German pharmaceutical company. It has independent R&D ability in clinical dermatology and cosmetic dermatology and is known for its professionalism in the pharmaceutical area. Merz is recognized by the world medical circle as a leader in medical cosmetology, medical skincare products and sports neuromedicine areas. Particularly, Merz has been active in research and product development in medical cosmetology and medical skincare products. A number of its outstanding innovative research results are cutting edge in the industry. Its products are highly recognized and loved by users around the world.


    Zhejiang Medical Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a solely-owned subsidiary of HK WinHealth Pharma Group Co., Limited. As a new-type medical company promoting the development of China’s medical and health industry, WinHealth is committed to introducing in world leading health products and medical technology into Chinese market, providing more advanced therapeutic approaches and medical information communication channels for medical practitioners and providing more treatment and rehabilitation resources for patients.

    Zhejiang Medical is proud that the products and treatment plans it provides can meet the demands of doctors and patients. It has been following the mission of improving life quality of human beings. It will do its best to contribute resources and energy to benefit scar patients in China, keep working hard for the health undertaking of human beings, and allow more patients to get timely and correct diagnosis and treatment faster and better.

    Both parties indicated that signing the strategic agreement would not only help them establish sustainable and stable partnership and seek mutual benefit, but also positive for the long-term development of the companies. Zhejiang Medical and Merz will work together to complement each other’s strengths and realize win-win and bring more surprises and possibilities for further cooperation and development.

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