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    2018 year
    31 day
    Warm congratulations on Winhealth winning title of "Best Platform Operator" in Xiacheng District

    On the afternoon of May 31, the 2018 Economic Work Commendation Conference of Xiacheng District was held in the Central Hall of Zhejiang Exhibition Hall in Wulin Square. About 500 enterprise representatives, including representatives from Zhejiang Medical, gathered together to discuss the development of Xiacheng District. 

    Warm congratulations on Winhealth winning title of  Warm congratulations on Winhealth winning title of

    At the award presentation of the conference, Winhealth Health Industrial Park, which was led and maintained by Zhejiang Medical Technology Development Co., Ltd., won the award of 'Best Platform Operator' issued by Hangzhou Downtown District Government. Fan Zheng, deputy district head, and Chen Shenghang, vice chairman of district CPPCC, presented awards to the enterprise representatives of the winners of the 2018 'Best Platform Operator' in Xiacheng District. Wang Qi, general manager of Zhejiang Medical, jointly presented the awards. 

    This commendation conference focused on the release of the '1+7' policy for economic development, key land promotion, introduction to the enterprise service center and investment promotion service center in Xiacheng District, witnessed the signing of a number of strategic cooperation agreements, consolidated the consensus of various parties concerned, studied ways to accelerate industrial development and cluster factor resources, deepened the reform of 'benefits per mu', and effectively improved the quality and efficiency of economic development. 

    Winhealth Health Industrial Park is an intensive, characteristic and specialized modern park that integrates medical information consultation, overseas medical project introduction, medical logistics, health pharmacy and mobile medical treatment. Since the establishment of the park, 9 enterprises have settled down in the park, and innovative pharmaceutical products from a number of countries have been introduced, including Global 500 enterprises such as Pfizer and Roche. In 2017, the annual output value of the park was about 600 million yuan, providing more than 600 jobs. It is estimated that in five years, the park will become a health industrial park with good economic and social effects, and with an annual output value of 2-3 billion yuan and nearly 1,000 employees, which will continuously support the economic development and construction of Xiacheng District. The title of 'Best Platform Operator' reflects the recognition and encouragement of the Xiacheng District Government for the achievements made by the park, and will also be the driving force for our continuous innovation, development and progress. 

    During the conference, Chen Weiqiang, secretary of the District Party Committee, expressed warm congratulations to the winning enterprises on behalf of the District Party Committee and district government, and delivered a speech. He stressed that first, we should always focus on economic construction, build a good industrial platform, promote the construction of characteristic towns and industrial parks, set proper economic policies and provide enterprises with good government services. Second, we must stick to two major standards, namely the quality standard and benefit standard. We should further improve the quality and benefit of economic development, accelerate the conversion of development momentum and expand the development space. Third, we should adhere to the 'Three Major Concepts', namely the concept of innovative development, concept of green development, and concept of open development.  


    Chai Shimin, deputy secretary of the District Party Committee and district chief, also delivered a speech, and announced that the '1+7' policy for promoting economic development of Xiacheng District was officially launched. He said that Xiacheng District will, as always, do a good job in maintaining a harmonious relationship with enterprises, serve the enterprises wholeheartedly, help them solve practical problems, deepen the reform of 'one-off procedure' to provide enterprises with more convenience, do a good job in investment promotion and enterprise cultivation through the investment promotion service center and the enterprise service center, and speed up the development of enterprises. 

    The '1+7' series of economic support policies officially released this time will be closely based on the characteristics of Xiacheng District, meet the needs accurately, better reflect the industrial orientation, stimulate the endogenous development of enterprises, and create a better business environment. 

    It is believed that under the guidance of the government policies and the leadership of Zhejiang Medical, Winhealth Health Industrial Park will continue to develop and innovate, maintain stronger vitality, and contribute to the economic development and realization of social values! 

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