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    2019 year
    11 day
    Winco Opening Ceremony came to successful end!

    On January 11, 2019, Winco Fitness Building, a fitness brand under Winhealth Group, officially opened with the participation and testimony of a number of staff of Winhealth!

    At the opening ceremony, we set up a number of wonderful steps to enrich people's sense of participation and add a joyful atmosphere to the ceremony. 

    Before the official start of the activity, we invited each colleague to choose a photo frame or a dedicated small label, and the Winco moments for them were recorded by the camera. Then the ribbon-cutting ceremony started, which was attended by a number of company leaders, and implied a good start and prosperity of business in the new year! 

    Winco Opening Ceremony came to successful end!  Winco Opening Ceremony came to successful end!

    During the activity, we also held a lively and interesting sports competition in which many colleagues showed their skills. The first event was the men's push-up competition. As the most common exercise, push-ups test a person's muscle strength. Finally, Hu Fan from the Presidents Office won the first place in the first event with a score of 51 push-ups in one minute. In the subsequent men's rope jumping competition, Huang Yiliang of the Human Resources Department took the lead with a score of 185 jumps in one minute. 

    Winco Opening Ceremony came to successful end!  

    As the saying goes, 'Females are as excellent as their male peers', the women's competition that followed was equally exciting! In the plank event, Zhan Jinxia from the Commerce Department won the plank championship of the woman group with a score of 3 minutes and 34 seconds. In the fierce rope jumping competition, Yao Xiaomei from the Finance Center achieved the best result in the rope jumping competition, reaching 160 jumps in one minute. 

    Winco Opening Ceremony came to successful end!  Winco Opening Ceremony came to successful end!

    Through this series of activities, everyone felt the charm and happiness of sports, and also enjoyed health brought by sports! Last, thank every colleague and partner who give their support to us! We wish you a healthy and happy new year!

    Winco Opening Ceremony came to successful end!


    About WINCO Fitness Building


    WINCO Fitness Building is a fitness brand founded by Hongkong Winhealth Pharma Group Co., Ltd in 2018.

    Established in 2006, Winhealth Group, as a new-type pharmaceutical enterprise promoting the development of China's medical and health industry, has adhered to the enterprise tenet of 'Safeguard life and health and enjoy peace of life', centered on the enterprise values of 'honesty, dedication, innovation, concentration, professionalism and concentration', and developed into a first-class CSO company in China. It has reached cooperation with many famous domestic and foreign medical enterprises, such as Boehringer-Ingelheim, Roche and Pfizer.

    In 2015, with the support of governments at all levels of Xiacheng District in Hangzhou, Winhealth Group set up Winhealth Health Industrial Park in Xiacheng District. The park features the medical treatment and health services, actively promotes the vigorous development of the health industry. It has various industrial modules, covers many fields such as pharmaceutical CSO and medical devices, and won the title of 'Best Platform Operator' in Xiacheng District in 2018. 

    Based on the development environment of the massive health industry and in order to perfect and upgrade the supporting facilities around the industrial park, WINCO Fitness Building 'emerged as the times required'. WINCO Fitness Building has a professional and excellent fitness team, serves every customer with high quality, considerate and professional attitude, and provides human-oriented small-class teaching, online course reservation, diversified fitness programs and customized membership services.

    WINCO Fitness Building will redefine your life and light up your love for life. With advanced and intelligent equipment, luxurious American-style decoration, comfortable and convenient membership service, it builds a fitness place with attitude, temperature and enthusiasm. 

    Enjoy exercise with WINCO.

    3rd Floor, Winhealth Industrial Park, No. 272 Huancheng East Road, Xiacheng District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
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