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    2019 year
    30 day
    Winhealth and JD.COM Pharmacy reached strategic cooperation agreement on Winhealth products

    Hongkong Winhealth Pharma Group Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as 'Winhealth Pharma Group') announced the formal establishment of a long-term strategic partnership on total products with self-operated pharmacy (hereinafter referred to as 'JD.COM Pharmacy').

    On September 30, 2019, the strategic cooperation signing ceremony between Winhealth Group and JD.COM Pharmacy was held as scheduled at the Beijing headquarters of The main leaders attending the signing ceremony were: Hao Jinghui, Chief Commercial Officer; Chen Huiming, Commercial Operation Director; Tan Tianhong, deputy general manager of Pharmaceutical City, and Zhang Fei, deputy general manager of Sinopharm Holding Jiangsu Co., Ltd.


    In the first cooperation between the two sides, Winhealth Group will make full use of the strong online operation capability, modern storage, logistics and distribution capability of JD.COM Pharmacy, provide patients with more convenient drug purchasing channels, and increase the accessibility to the company's high-quality imported drugs. The diversified marketing network of Winhealth Group covers the whole country. With its customized market strategy based on academics that continuously covers the product life cycle, it is able to build a four-in-one smart marketing system based on the Internet and digitalization by relying on abundant product resources at the supply end and user networks throughout the country, and realize commercialization on a large scale.

    Relying on its own advantages of logistics and online operations, JD.COM Pharmacy purchases drugs directly from Sinopharm Holding Jiangsu Co., Ltd, a first-class commercial company authorized by Winhealth Group, which reduces intermediate links, saves expenses of drugs for patients, and allows patients to buy drugs easily without leaving their homes. In this mode, the two sides can learn from each other's strong points and achieve a 'win-win' situation in a true sense!

    This cooperation is of great and far-reaching strategic significance for Winhealth. As one of the leading platforms in the e-commerce industry, has a large number of users. The cooperation with means that Winhealth Group has developed an expressway for Internet-based medical services in the e-commerce retail channel, laying a solid foundation for the future development of Winhealth. In addition,'s platform has maintained a high level of prescription drug sales in the industry, with multiple sales channels and marketing capability, which is quite similar to the CDCO model initiated by Winhealth!

    The cooperation between Winhealth and is the inevitable result of the industry development, as well as an exploration of Winhealth into the new sales model. Relying on its good strength and influence in the industry and on's strong platform advantages, Winhealth will bring more and better medical products and therapeutic regimens to the Chinese market, and make positive contributions to the progress of China's health undertaking and improvement of the quality of life of human beings.

    About Hongkong Winhealth Pharma Group Co., Ltd

    Winhealth Group is a one-stop professional service platform focusing on the whole process from drug registration application, product import, market access, commercialization implementation to life cycle management. As a new-type pharmaceutical enterprise promoting the development of China's pharmaceutical health industry, the Group is committed to introducing the world's leading health products and medical technologies into the Chinese market, providing medical staff with more excellent treatment methods and medical information dissemination channels, providing patients with more treatment and rehabilitation resources, and building itself into a leading provider of full-cycle, integrated and customized market access solutions and a Contract Development and Commercialization Organization (CDCO).



    About self-operated pharmacy

    As China's leading technology-driven e-commerce operator and retail infrastructure service provider, has centered on digitization and based itself on technology in its development, its business territory has expanded to finance, logistics, health, technology and other fields, with fruitful achievements. JD.COM Pharmacy is an important component of in the health field, has become one of the largest retail pharmacies in China and has a strong online operation capability. It aims to build a nascent state of pharmacy and a new benchmark for smart services of online pharmacies in China through smart solutions and by working with well-known pharmaceutical enterprises at home and abroad.


    About Sinopharm Holding Jiangsu Co., Ltd

    Sinopharm Holding Jiangsu was established in Nanjing in April 2013, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sinopharm Holding. Sinopharm Holding Jiangsu has set up 18 branches and subsidiaries in 12 cities in the province, with a tax-exclusive sales amount of 20.8 billion in 2018. With both its coverage rate and sales amount ranking the first in the province, it is the largest drug distribution enterprise in Jiangsu Province. With diversified modes, it is leading in the province in pharmacy services, medical devices, e-commerce platforms and online medical services.

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