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    Common name

    Compound Methoxyphenamine Capsules

    Product name ASMETON STRONG®
    Common name

    Compound Methoxyphenamine Capsules

    Product manufacturer

    Product manufacturer: Daiichi Sankyo Pharmaceutical(shanghai)Co., Ltd.,

    Product approval

    GYZZ H20033669


    ASMETON STRONG® is a compound Methoxyphenamine capsule indicated for treatment of bronchitical asthma and asthmatoid bronchitis, cough, expectoration and wheezing caused by other respiratory diseases.


    60 / bottle


    Usage and Administration:  

    Treatment in patients 15 years and older: 2 tablets administered orally three times per day with meals.

    Treatment in patients 8 years to 15 years: 1 tablet three times per day.

    It can be increased or decreased based on age and illness conditions appropriately. 

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