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    Common name

    Sabale Capsules

    Product name Sabale Capsules
    Common name

    Sabale Capsules

    Product manufacturer

    Swiss Caps AG

    Product approval

     Imported Drug Registration Certificate Z20140001


    This drug is used for benign prostatic hyperplasia, with symptoms of frequent emiction sense, delayed emiction, dysuria and dripping urination.


     160mg*10 capsules/box


    It is taken with warm boiled water.  It is taken in the morning and evening respectively, one capsule a time. 


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    4.BPH clinical study 2-Meta-analysis of effect of Sabal\Finasteride\Tansulosin on sexual function in BPH Patients with lower urinary tract symptoms

    5.Prostadyn Clinical study on treatment of chronic non-bacterial prostatitis

    6.Prostadyn Clinical observation of treatment of chronic prostatitis

    7.Pharmacological mechanism

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