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    News: New Achievements Obtained in the 22nd Century Medical Center Seminar [Research on Regenerative Medicine/Cell Therapy] Held by The University of Tokyo

    March 18, 2022

    Hong Kong Winhealth Pharma Group (hereinafter referred to as “Winhealth Pharma”) participated in a research project on regenerative medicine and cell therapy conducted in The University of Tokyo Hospital, which has achieved great progress. The research achievements were presented at the 17th Forum of 22nd Century Medical Center Seminar held in The University of Tokyo Hospital during March 14th - 18th, 2022.

    The subject of the lecture is Development of practical technologies for regenerative medicine - Mass culture and quality evaluation of mesenchymal stem cells. The conclusions are as follows: (1) It is found in the studies that mesenchymal stem cells cultured with three-dimensional method possess better performance, and the cell quality can be evaluated effectively by observing the cell shapes; (2) Compared with two-dimensional cell culture, mass cell culture by three-dimensional method can maintain the undifferentiated and migratory properties of mesenchymal stem cells to a better extent, suggesting prospect of achieving better clinical efficacy.

    17th Forum of 22nd Century Medical Center Seminar

    As a type of regenerative cell, mesenchymal stem cells have been used in clinical studies and trials for the treatment of diseases such as ischemic heart disease, heart failure, etc. At present, the high cost generated from cell preparation and the difficulties in stable quality control during cell production and preparation processes are the major challenges in the application of mesenchymal stem cells.

    To solve this problem, a research project on regenerative medicine and cell therapy was officially launched in April 2021, under the leadership of Professor Chang Dehua of The University of Tokyo. By cooperating with The University of Tokyo Hospital in terms of research and development, this 3-year project aims to promote the R&D of practical technologies in regenerative medicine field, such as “3D mass culture/automatic culture devices for mesenchymal stem cell (MSCs)” and morphological diagnosis of “mesenchymal stem cells”, facilitate the promotion, development and transformation of regenerative medicine in Asia, and cultivate outstanding professional and technical personnel.

    Currently, regenerative medicine/cell therapy is still a field requiring continuous exploration, innovation and challenging. The research achievements and cultivation of talents in such field are of great significance for improving the level and quality of medical technologies, treating difficult miscellaneous diseases, and improving health of human being.

    Winhealth Pharma will keep focusing on and assisting the research on regenerative medicine/cell therapy. Meanwhile, we hope to accelerate the research progress of this field and promote the dissemination of academic achievements by strengthening international academic exchanges and cooperation, so as to achieve the transition from clinical trials to clinical application, and bring benefits to more patients.

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