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    Our Commitment

    Patient always comes first. At Winhealth, we are passionate about providing transformative treatment options for patients living with rare diseases and other life-threatening conditions in China and adjacent regions. We know and empathize from our heart that as patients or family members of patients, you deserve more effective care and better quality of life. Therefore we strive to accelerate the introduction of breakthrough medicines from all over the world to meet your unmet or underserved medical needs. We do this with a unique and pragmatic approach via both building partnerships with international biotech firms and in-house development.

    We also deeply understand that your needs extend far beyond just medicine. As such, we have partnered up with key stakeholders, including government, industry associations and patient advocacy groups to serve you better and in a more comprehensive way.

    • We provide Early Access Programs for you to access to newer therapies before they are officially launched in China.
    • We provide Worldwide Medicine Search Programs tailored to meet your specific and immediate needs.
    • We work with national and local Patient Groups to provide patient education and support programs.
    • We provide Patient Assistant Programs in order to alleviate your financial burden.
    • We actively work with governments at all levels, industry associations and KOL's to promote disease awareness and drive treatment changes towards better access and affordability.
    • ……
    You deserve more care…
    Insufficient disease awareness is one of the key barriers in rare disease area. We believe in the power of sharing and learning. By sharing stories, we are working together to raise the awareness level of different rare diseases and gain more attention from the society as a whole.
    Patient Advocacy Group

    Patients and families are at the forefront of what we do everyday

    In the fight against rare diseases, you are not alone! We are not alone either. We have built close and strategic partnerships with influential industry associations and patient groups in order to address your needs better and faster. Through these powerful relationships, we are able to listen, observe and better understand your pressing needs and challenges, enabling us to further calibrate our service models.

    China Alliance for Rare Diseases
    China Alliance for Rare Diseases

    Established in Beijing on October 24, 2018, China Alliance for Rare Diseases (CHARD) is a national, non-profit and cooperative communication platform composed of medical institutions, universities, scientific research institutes and enterprises with the ability of diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases.

    As one of the units of CHARD, Winhealth will play an active role in the work of CHARD. It will help the alliance to achieve major breakthroughs in the field of rare disease research, and improve the level of rare disease prevention and protection. Winhealth will also promote the collaborative innovation of rare disease clinic, scientific research and orphan drug development. By doing so, it will promote the development of rare disease diagnosis and treatment in China, sending hope for the rebirth of rare disease patients.

    The Chinese Pharmacists Association
    The Chinese Pharmacists Association

    Chinese Pharmacists Association is a national, professional and non-profit social organization voluntarily formed by pharmaceutical technicians and members of relevant units with professional and technical positions or professional qualifications.

    On October 16th, 2020, the 12th Chinese Pharmacist Conference, which was sponsored by the Chinese Pharmacists Association and the Committee of Experts on Rational Drug Use of National Health Commission of the People's Republic of China and was supported by Hong Kong Winhealth Pharma Group Co., Ltd, was held in Beijing. Featuring the theme of 'Ability Creates Value', the conference discussed the pharmaceutical development and the pharmacist team construction from multiple perspectives. Mr. Wang Wei, Chairman of the borad/Founder/CEO of Hong Kong Winhealth Pharma Group Co., Ltd., acted as the Vice Chairman of the Committee for Rational Drug Use for Rare Diseases, presided over the sub-forum on medication for rare diseases featuring the theme of 'Science, Technology, Promotion and Accessibility'.

    ShangHai Fondation for Rare Disease
    ShangHai Fondation for Rare Disease

    Shanghai Foundation for Rare Disease is the first endemic special foundation for rare diseases in China. It will provide disease prevention and education, medical treatment, livelihood and spiritual assistance to patients with rare diseases, provide decision-making consultation to the government, and support science popularization, scientific research, academic exchanges, professional training and screening of rare diseases.

    Li Dingguo, Chairman of the Shanghai Foundation for Rare Disease, delivered a speech as an expert representative. He indicated that to promote the career of treating rare diseases requires wisdom more than knowledge, humane sentiments more than emotions, and insistence more than support because only insistence brings hope.

    The Illness Challenge Foundation
    The Illness Challenge Foundation

    The Beijing Illness Challenge Foundation (ICF) is the very first public welfare foundation in Beijing focusing on the field of rare diseases. ICF is devoted to solving urgent matters faced by the rare disease community through community services, non-profit sector development, social advocacy, and eventually creating an equal, respectful environment for the community challenged by illness.

    Wang Yiou, Secretary General/Founder of Beijing Illness Challenge Foundation, said on behalf of rare disease patients' organizations that patients with rare diseases still face a lot of difficulties in drug accessibility as many such drugs have not been introduced into China. As a platform for the patients and the patients' organizations, the Foundation hopes to work with the Center and other parties in the implementation of Bo'ao Policies, so that such patients can really access to and afford relevant drugs.

    Early Access Platform

    BO’AO WINHEALTH RARE DISEASE MEDICAL CENTER / BO’AO RARE DISEASE MEDICAL CENTER was jointly established on April 10th, 2020 in BO’AO Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone in the province of Hainan in China, by Winhealth Investment (HK) Limited., Le Cheng Administration, BoAo Worldlight Hospital, and was invested by Winhealth Investment (HK) Limited.

    Our mission is to keep pace with the latest development of the world to introduce the advanced rare disease medical products into Chinese market, bringing new hope to patients with rare disease in China and neighboring countries and regions. We are committed to establishing the comprehensive and advanced rare disease clinical medical center with the advanced diagnosis and treatment services in China, Southeast Asia and other surrounding areas.


    • Providing the advanced rare disease drugs and medical devices.
    • Offering the top diagnosis and treatment services by the leading experts on rare diseases.
    • Providing patient assistance projects in cooperation with the overseas manufacturers and public welfare funds.
    • Coordinating the patients and doctors to participate in real world study.
    • Holding rare disease academic professional events and patient organization activities.
    Patients Enrollment
    We recruit patients who meet the standards from the society and provide them with international leading drugs and breakthrough therapies.
    Patients Assistance Program

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