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    To build a leading rare disease ecosystem in Asia Pacific.
    Providing novel breakthrough therapies for patients with rare diseases and other unmet medical needs.
    Audacious Innovation
    Employee culture story with Winhealth
    Yang Tao
    Regional Manager
    Yang Tao
    Regional Manager

    Winhealth has been moving forward steadily in accordance with a clear development direction. In our big family of Winhealth, we are glad about the business growth and feel about the constant vitality of the company. We grow together in this process and realize better expression of self-worth on the company'splatform.

    He Mingxia
    Regional Manager
    He Mingxia
    Regional Manager

    After my joining Winhealth, the professional, open-minded and collaborative enterprise culture, the clear and unambiguous development ideas, as well as the recognition and appreciation of the company and its products from patient, make me a great sense of "satisfaction" and "security". I deeply feel the happiness of my success together with the company.

    Zhang Li
    Business Operations Manager
    Zhang Li
    Business Operations Manager

    The greatest feeling I have received from Winhealth is that "We make each other better and grow together". During the rapid development of Winhealth when I am right in, I constantly seize the opportunity to face challenges, constantly break through myself, and constantly improve my work ability, thus I have advanced by leaps and bounds in my career under this talent training and open platform.

    Liu Nailin
    Senior Regional Manager
    Liu Nailin
    Senior Regional Manager

    I have a strong feeling of “Recognition” since I came to Winhealth. I have benefited a lot both spiritually and materially, especially the spiritual aspect. In Winhealth, I myself and my efforts are both recognized and trusted by the company and my superiors here. Besides, I can work happily and joyfully, that are my greatest rewards.

    People Phylosophy

    Each individual staff in Winhealth Group is the most precious property and also the partner to move forward together. Focusing on the "patient-centered" policy, we continue to carry out the mission of "providing timely and effective clinical treatment for patients". At the same time, we adhere to the principle of attaching equal importance to the three aspects of compliance, culture and talent, and practice the talent concept of "win with you".

    Winhealth is committed to building a learning organization. Taking the digital enterprise platform "Winhealth College" as a carrier introducing the "coaching" technology, we understand the growth needs of employees and prepare scientific growth plans for them thus to improve staff quality and stimulate their potentials.

    Winhealth recognizes and supports the staff to achieve better excellence, providing them with clear and unambiguous development channels. Combining the needs of the company with the development demands of the staff, we give excellent ones opportunities for growth and promotion, and support them to challenge and go beyond themselves for other new positions.

    Job Opportunities
    Director of Medical Affairs
    Scientist Full-time

    1.Master's degree or above, clinical medicine-related major;

    2. has been trained in GCP, academic promotion and management;

    3.at least 9 years of clinical work or clinical research and training .experience in foreign companies preferred;

    4. core capability requirements: collaboration, focus, challenge, openness;

    5.able to effectively communicate internally and externally with proven persuasive, assertive and negotiation skills, presentation skills, etc.;

    6.fluent English is required;

    Pharmacovigilance Physician
    China Medical Affairs Full-time

    1.Medical Master degree, or above.

    2.PV physician experience in pharmaceutical company/ CRO is preferred.

    3.Excellent clinical judgement and ability to evaluate and interpret clinical data.

    4.At least two year clinical experience.

    5.Familiar with international Medical literature database, excellent English.

    Pharmacovigilance manager
    China Medical Affairs Full-time

    1.Bachelor degree or above, major in clinical medicine or pharmaceuticals

    2.At least 2 years of pharmacovigilance working experience, familiar with national & international pharmacovigilance regulations and PV inspection requirements ;

    3.Excellent communication and coordination skills, stress resistance and industry sensitivity, good English and strong translation skills.

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