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    2019 year
    13 day
    Winhealth Group extended regards to solitary elders and sanitation workers of Daomao Lane

    Today is the traditional festival of China: Laba Festival (the 8th day of the 12th lunar month). The staff of Winhealth Group and Daomao Lan Community jointly sent the Laba porridge and blankets that had been carefully prepared to the solitary elders and sanitation workers in the community. 

    Respecting and loving the elderly is traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. With the aging of population in China, some problems such as 'the empty-nest elderly' have been intensified. In order to do a good job of respecting and loving the elderly, to provide care and help for the elderly, especially the elderly living alone, and to promote the harmonious development of society, Winhealth Group has taken actions actively and wholeheartedly to make contributions to society.

    爱心行动 情暖腊八 维健医药慰问刀茅巷孤寡老人及城市环卫工人  爱心行动 情暖腊八 维健医药慰问刀茅巷孤寡老人及城市环卫工人

    On this day, we distributed 180 servings of Laba porridge and visited more than 20 elderly people. Considering that the majority of the elderly were too old to move around, we made door-to-door visits and delivered the Laba porridge and blankets to each of them personally so that the elderly could truly feel the care and warmth from society. Among the old people we visited, many of them were 90 years old, but they still received us warmly, which was quite touching.

    In addition, we also distributed Laba porridge to the sanitation workers in the city. Sanitation workers are often praised as 'yellow roses of a city', 'street angels' and 'city beauticians'. No matter how windy or rainy, they are always busy maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of a city. In order to express thanks to them, we sent holiday greetings to the sanitation workers who were still working while making our distribution in a centralized manner.

    爱心行动 情暖腊八 维健医药慰问刀茅巷孤寡老人及城市环卫工人  爱心行动 情暖腊八 维健医药慰问刀茅巷孤寡老人及城市环卫工人

    Winhealth Group has been adhering to people orientation, actively caring for and helping vulnerable groups in society, and advancing on the road of inheriting and carrying forward the fine traditional virtues of 'loving, respecting and assisting the elderly'. In the future, we will continue to stick to our philanthropy, actively exert the economic and social benefits of the enterprise, and make Winhealth philanthropy the most beautiful scenery in corporate culture! 

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