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    2019 year
    25 day
    Caring about Xiangshui Zhejiang Medical sent Contractubex® to disaster area urgently

    At 14: 48 on March 21, 2019, a particularly serious explosion occurred at Tianjiayi Chemical Plant in Chenjiagang Chemical Park, Xiangshui County, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province. The explosion caused serious casualties, not only affecting the enterprises in the park, but also causing damage to residential houses and school buildings around the chemical park. As of the noon on the 25th, 78 people had died in the accident (56 of them had been identified and 22 had not). A total of 566 people were hospitalized in the hospitals in Yancheng, including 13 people in critical conditions and 66 in serious conditions, and 38 were discharged on the same day.

    After hearing the news, the company believed that medicines would be desperately needed considering the large number of the wounded in the explosion. On March 25, the senior leaders of Zhejiang Medical Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'Zhejiang Medical') held an emergency consultation meeting and decided to immediately organize employees of the company to carry out drug assistance to the affected people in Xiangshui area.

    Caring about Xiangshui  Zhejiang Medical sent Contractubex® to disaster area urgently Caring about Xiangshui  Zhejiang Medical sent Contractubex® to disaster area urgently

    The staff of various departments immediately held discussions on rescue, analyzed the disaster situation and set rescue plans. The Commerce Department, Marketing Department and Distribution Center, etc. of the company, as well as the marketing colleagues in each region, responded positively and cooperated with each other. At this moment, all staff were untied, and actively provided suggestions and advices on disaster relief. 

    Considering that the accident was an explosion with many burn and scar patients who needed surgery, it was decided that Contractubex®, which focused on scar treatment, was selected for drug assistance.

    Caring about Xiangshui  Zhejiang Medical sent Contractubex® to disaster area urgently

    The matter brooked no delay. In order to allow people in the disaster area to use our medicines as soon as possible, the rescue work was carried out against time. Our colleagues immediately got in touch with No.1 People's Hospital of Yancheng. As Yancheng's largest burn hospital, the hospital is also the front line for treatment for the disaster-hit victims.

    In the face of difficulties, unity is strength. We soon found that No.1 People's Hospital of Yancheng was not included in the company's drug supply list. Considering the urgency and particularity of the matter, we followed the principle of 'handle special cases with special methods', and it took only half an hour for us to complete the procedure that usually takes days after the efforts of our staff. The green channel for drug rescue was successfully opened, which further sped up our drug assistance.

    On the 25th, thanks to the efforts of the staff at multiline lines, we saved a lot of precious time, and 1280 pieces of scar removal products Contractubex® (specification: 10g) urgently dispatched were successfully sent to the hospitals in the disaster-hit area to help patients recover as soon as possible.

    Currently 1280 pieces of Contractubex® are on their way to the disaster area, and we will bring more follow-up reports on our rescue operations.

    As a new medical enterprise that promotes the development of China's medical and health industry, we have always centered on patients, stayed true to our original intention, and kept in mind our responsibilities and mission. Meanwhile, we are deeply saddened by the victims of this explosion, and great sadness has become the motive force of our love and rescue. Hopefully people affected can unite as one and make it through! We wish patients a speedy recovery and a healthy and happy life!

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