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    2019 year
    12 day
    Philanthropy丨Safeguard the most innocent smiles on their faces

    ——'Many a little makes a mickle' Winhealth Pharma Group & Love Club of Zhejiang University jointly assist impoverished students 

    On December 6, 2019, the volunteers from Hongkong Winhealth Pharma Group Co., Ltd and Love Club of Zhejiang University went to Hangzhou Hushu Special School, and held a joint philanthropic activity to assist the impoverished students featuring 'Many a little makes mickle'. In the past month, Winhealth launched a love-giving donation activity aiming at helping special children, and giving them more care and social warmth. 

    Hangzhou Hushu Special School is a nine-year special education school in Gongshu District, which specially enrolls special children with social adaptive behavior disorder. Currently it has 13 classes, 46 teachers and 132 special children.


    On the day of the activity, Wang and Chai, the teachers of the school, extended a warm welcome to us, gave us a preliminary introduction to the development of the school, and discussed the current situation of the children and their needs in life and study. At the same time, they thanked us for organizing this activity that offers love, attention and companionship to the children. 

    During the activity, the volunteers from Winhealth Pharma Group and Love Club of Zhejiang University, who were led by the teachers, had cordial interaction with the children. They played games and drew pictures with the children, patiently chatted with them, gave them encouragement and support, and made them truly feel love and warmth.

    During the whole activity, the children's faces were often full of smiles, showing an optimistic and positive attitude towards life. The teachers and staff members also showed full love and patience and a high degree of professionalism. 

    公益丨最明净的笑容和最单纯的内心,值得我们共同守护! 公益丨最明净的笑容和最单纯的内心,值得我们共同守护!

    Before we left, the children kept saying 'thank you' and 'goodbye', which gratified us much and made us feel the special significance of such activity. In our eyes, they all have bright smiles and pure hearts. 

    For this activity, we would also like to thank the employees of Winhealth Pharma Group for their active participation, and for their donating a large number of books and articles to Hangzhou Hushu Special School. Ultimately, we collected 588 books, 221 stationery supplies and 59 toys for the children. Hopefully these love and care can provide the children with support and help in their study and life, enrich their spiritual world and allow them to feel a little warmth in winter. 

    Winhealth Pharma Group has always adhered to the corporate values of people orientation, and has continuously carried out philanthropic practice to pass love on. Winhealth said that there is still a long way to go in philanthropy, that it will continue to organize philanthropic activities to allow more people feel the warmth of society, give them care, help them broaden their horizons so as to better integrate into society in the future. Meanwhile, Winhealth called on more people to care for and help special children, hoping to unite the strength of society and create a better tomorrow for them! 

    Philanthropy丨Safeguard the most innocent smiles on their faces

    Finally, we would like to thank the following colleagues for their donations: Hu Qing, Deng Xinyu, Qi Rongrong, Yu Ruirui, Hao Zhanglei, Lv Yuanyuan, Guangdong Group 4, Gao Li, Xu Min, Wu Xiaofeng, Wang Limin, Ding Wenjuan, Zhang Qiaoling, Chen Hong, Cheng Lilian, Xie Erping, Shen Ji, and Zhou Chenxia. Thank them for their support!

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