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    2020 year
    02 day
    Winhealth prepares Laba porridge for employees and the elderly

    Laba Festival, commonly known as 'Laba', is the eighth day of the twelfth month of the lunar calendar. The ancients had the tradition of offering sacrifices to ancestors and gods and praying for good harvest, and people in some regions have the custom of eating Laba porridge. 

    January 2 is the traditional festival 'Laba Festival' in China. On this freezing day, the fragrance of porridge spread in Winhealth Pharma Group, bringing continuous warmth. It turned out that the employees were getting Laba porridge prepared by the company in the festive Laba Festival activity held by Winhealth. 

    严寒腊月 暖心腊八 我们与你同“粥”共济丨维健医药携手刀茅巷社区办给高龄老人送腊八粥

    The employees got knowledge about the traditional 'Laba Festival' and also experienced the traditional culture. While sharing Laba porridge, they felt the warmth and joy of the festival, as well as the warmth and love brought by the company.

    Winhealth Pharma Group also pays close attention to the elderly in the Daomao Lane residential community, and visits them on holidays to allow them feel love and care.

    On the arrival of Laba Festival, the staff of Winhealth Pharma Group braved the cold winter, came to the Daomao Lane residential community, and brought Laba porridge, scarves and other gifts as well as festival greetings to the elderly, allowing the elderly to have a warm and harmonious festival and feel the love given by the company. 

    严寒腊月 暖心腊八 我们与你同“粥”共济丨维健医药携手刀茅巷社区办给高龄老人送腊八粥

    During the visit, a 92-year-old lady was deeply moved to see us coming. She took a sip of Laba porridge and said, 'I feel warm in my heart after eating a bowl of hot Laba porridge on this cold day. I want to thank Winhealth and Residential Community for your long-term care and help. You are better than my own children. Thank you again '.

    严寒腊月 暖心腊八 我们与你同“粥”共济丨维健医药携手刀茅巷社区办给高龄老人送腊八粥 严寒腊月 暖心腊八 我们与你同“粥”共济丨维健医药携手刀茅巷社区办给高龄老人送腊八粥


    A bowl of hot Laba porridge in winter not only resisted severe cold, but also expressed Winhealth's care and festival greetings to the elderly. In this activity, more than 400 bowls of Laba porridge were sent to the elderly in the community, which enhanced the relationship between the company and the elderly and expressed our care for the elderly.


    Inheriting and carrying forward the tradition of 'loving, respecting and assisting the elderly' are the fine traditional virtues of Winhealth Pharma Group. In the future, Winhealth Pharma Group will continue to carry out all kinds of love activities, try its best to solve problems for more vulnerable groups in need of help, give play to the enterprise's economic and social benefits, allow them to feel the warmth of the community, contribute to the construction of a beautiful home, and turn Winhealth philanthropy into the most beautiful scenery in the corporate culture! 

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