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    2017 year
    02 day
    Board chairman Mr. Wang Wei won title of "Star of Philanthropy"

    On the afternoon of January 17, 2017, Federation of Industry and Commerce of Xiacheng District held the 4th Session of 9th Executive Committee Meeting. Qi Li, deputy secretary of the District Party Committee, Tang feng, deputy district head, Zhou Gang, vice chairman of the district CPPCC and head of the United Front Work Department, attended the meeting. Mr. Wang Wei, board chairman of Winhealth Group, also attended the meeting.

    At the meeting, Qi Li, deputy secretary of the District Party Committee, made an important speech. He pointed out that the in 2016, the Federation of Industry and Commerce of the district did a lot of work. Focusing on the center of the circle, it actively participated in the overall work, and mobilized enterprises to do a good job in the service guarantee for the G20 Hangzhou Summit; gave full play to its advantages, and attracted 1.43 billion yuan of investment throughout the year, with remarkable achievements; strengthened unity and encouragement of enterprises and further enhanced its own cohesion and influence, and made positive contributions to accelerating the all-region construction of the central business district and the healthy development of the non-public economy. He stressed that the central government, the provincial, municipal and district governments have successively issued a series of policies and measures to encourage, support and guide the development of non-public economy, that Hangzhou has entered the 'post-summit and pre-Asian games' period, that the 10th party congress of Xiacheng District has defined the development goals for the next five years, that the improvement of city construction and management will bring more development opportunities to enterprises, and that entrepreneurs should accurately understand the new development orientation and trend and strengthen their confidence in development. 


    Last, deputy secretary Qi Li put forward three requirements: First, optimize the environment and form a consensus and pool efforts in an all-round way. All departments and street committees should further create a favorable environment for the development of enterprises in Xiacheng District, ensure that support policies and measures are put in place, speed up work efficiency, and create a strong atmosphere where enterprises are well catered to, respected and loved. Second, highlight our own advantages and give play to our cohesion and leading role. The Federation of Industry and Commerce should play a good role in 'advising', 'linking' and 'guiding', act as a bridge and link between 'giving instructions from top to bottom, and reporting from bottom to top', be an assistant to the government in managing and serving the non-public economy, and fulfill responsibilities at the position. Third, seek new development and make new achievements. Entrepreneurs should strengthen their study, dare to make breakthrough, give play to entrepreneurship, strive to be innovation-driven leaders, enhance their core competitiveness through innovation, and make enterprises stronger and bigger.        

    The meeting deliberated on and adopted relevant personnel appointment and dismissal matters and work reports of the 9th Executive Committee Meeting of the District Federation of Industry and Commerce, and commended the 'Star of Philanthropy' and activists of the member enterprises of the Federation of Industry and Commerce in 2016. The heads of Guotai Windows Engineering Co., Ltd and Tongyintang Culture Creativity Co., Ltd made exchange speeches. A total of more than 120 people, including all the members of the 9th Executive Committee of the District Federation of Industry and Commerce, leaders of relevant functional departments of the district and the Secretary General of the Street Chamber of Commerce, attended the meeting.

    Mr. Wang Wei, board chairman of Winhealth, also cast his sacred and solemn vote as a representative of the enterprise. At the same time, he came to the stage as an award-winning entrepreneur to receive his award, winning unanimous applause and recognition. 

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