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    2017 year
    12 day
    Chai Shimin, head of Xiacheng District, and his entourage visited Winhealth

    On June 5, Chai Shimin, head of Xiacheng District, and his entourage visited Winhealth Health Industrial Park in Xiacheng District, accompanied by the main leaders of the District Government Office, District Development and Reform Bureau, District Finance Bureau, District Health Planning Bureau, District Market Supervision Bureau, and Zhaohui Street Committee. Chai and his entourage first visited the functional areas of Winhealth Health Industrial Park, learned about the current industrial layout and development status of the park, then held a symposium to listen to a report made by the head of the Winhealth Industrial Park about the general situation of the park, project orientation, development process, and future plans. 

    Chai pointed out that since the beginning of this year, the overall economic and social development situation in our district has been good, but we still need to pay attention to the cultivation of rooted enterprises, so that enterprises in our district can take root in Xiacheng District and develop with no worry. In addition, we need to strengthen efforts in attracting enterprises by enterprises and encourage the extended and derivative enterprises to settle down, attach great importance to the cultivation of listed enterprises, strengthen echelon cultivation, increase training for enterprises to be listed, make a list of problems and find a 'solution for each enterprise', further optimize the supporting policies for the cultivation of listed enterprises, and strive to create the 'Listing Sector of Xiacheng District'. Chai fully affirmed the achievements made by Winhealth Group, and put forward opinions on the key economic work in the next step.

    Mr. Wang Wei, board chairman of Winhealth Group, said that in the coming days, Winhealth Group will help promote the sustainable and healthy economic development, and work hard for the development of Xiacheng District!

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