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    2018 year
    12 day
    Around-lake trailwalk for 12th anniversary of Winhealth Group

    On May 12, 2018, the lake of west lake in hangzhou was full of sunshine and beautiful scenery.

    In the early morning, more than 20 colleagues who participated in yixing started our journey around the lake after taking a group photo at hangzhou huanglong sports center. Vice President hu qing and finance manager wang liping led the way, while others followed. This yixing starts from the huanglong sports center, and goes around the shuguang road, yanggongdi and nanshan road to the east side of the west lake, and ends at the ivy tea house. The whole journey is nearly 10 kilometers.

    In the West Lake scenic area, everyone was exercising their physical strength and will, and enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way. Despite the highest temperature of the day being over 30 degrees, everyone was still full of confidence and energy. Several children also participated in the trailwalk this time, with wonderful performance. In the end, in the laughter and mutual help, everyone successfully achieved the goal of this trailwalk and completed the whole journey together. 

    Around-lake trailwalk for 12th anniversary of Winhealth Group  Around-lake trailwalk for 12th anniversary of Winhealth Group

    In the face of challenges of the weather and the journey, no one was discouraged, but stepped forward courageously. The activity not only exercised everyone's physical strength and willpower, but also enhanced their ties and communication. It not only enriched the cultural life of employees, but also improved the cohesion and teamwork capability of the team, which is a very useful and unforgettable activity. Here, our thanks go to every staff of Winhealth for their participation and persistence, and we look forward to the next more exciting company activity! 

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