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    2018 year
    05 day
    Phase I regional management training of Winhealth successfully concluded

    On June 5, 2018, the Phase I 'regional management' course training of Winhealth Group was held in the meeting room on the second floor of the Hangzhou headquarters of Winhealth Group, which aimed to effectively improve and strengthen the management, leadership and professional capability of the company's regional leaders through training.

    The trainees were mainly the managers of some great regions and regions nationwide of the Mucosolvan academic promotion team. For this reason, we specially invited Mr. Shi from Shanghai Yibang Education and Technology Service Center to teach the trainees. The training lasted for two days. 

    On the first day of the training, vice president Xu Zhenyu and national marketing director Shao Junjian made opening speeches. 

    Mr. Xu analyzed the current environment of the pharmaceutical industry for us, shared his own working experience, gave an introduction to the company's overall planning and development trend, pointed out the focus of future work and development goals for everyone, which broadened the trainees' thinking as well as their horizon. 

    In his speech, Mr. Shao affirmed the importance of training for the cultivation and management of teams, pointed out that 'more preparation may quicken the speed in doing work', that high-quality and efficient training can bring more returns to individuals and the teams, and hoped that the trainees could make some gains and learn some useful things through this training. 

    The speeches of the two leaders received unanimous applause and recognition, and the training officially started. 

    After the formal start of the training, Shi made a self-introduction in a humorous way, and lectured in simple language to lead the trainees onto the journey of study. 

    Phase I regional management training of Winhealth successfully concluded Phase I regional management training of Winhealth successfully concluded

    During the training process, the trainees students looked focused, listened attentively to the trainer, and recorded the key points from time to time. After the trainer raised questions, they thought hard and spoke actively. In the team activities, the trainees actively communicated with each other, planned carefully, and formed a whole. In a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, they worked together and completed various team tasks, and achieved the training goals and objectives. 

    In the communication and sharing among various regions, the representatives of various groups described and analyzed the work situation in various regions, held discussions and exchanges with other trainees, and worked together to discuss solutions or improvement schemes. Each exchange received good response. 

    During the training, the company held an arm-wrestling competition for all the managers of great regions and regions who came afar and presented prizes to the winners. The activity promoted the friendship between the trainees, and alternated work with rest. 

    At the end of the training, Mr. Shao gave a summary speech and presented prizes to the outstanding trainee representatives and learning groups. 

    Phase I regional management training of Winhealth successfully concluded Phase I regional management training of Winhealth successfully concluded

    This training got full attention from the company, and the training attached great importance to the trainees' capability cultivation and building in terms of learning, thinking and practice. Through various interactive forms, such as the trainer's questions, personal speeches, team analysis and summary, both the personal ability and teamwork ability of the trainees were improved, which received unanimous praise. The training achieved a complete success! 

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