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    2019 year
    10 day
    Zhejiang Medical won "First Prize of Key Backbone Enterprises in Chaoming Street in 2018"

    On the afternoon of January 10, 2019, Chaoming Street Committee held the 2019 Economic Work Meeting to review the economic and social development in 2018. More than 100 enterprise representatives, including the representatives from Zhejiang Medical, attended the meeting and worked with the government departments to study and deploy the key tasks for the current year and jointly seek steady progress in economic work in 2019.

    At the meeting, Chaoming Street Committee commended the outstanding business management teams. Zhejiang Medical Technology Development Co., Ltd. won the 'First Prize of Key Backbone Enterprises in Chaoming Street in 2018'. Zhejiang Medical had won the award for three consecutive years so far.

     Zhejiang Medical won

    About Zhejiang Medical Technology Development Co., Ltd.

    As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hongkong Winhealth Pharma Group Co., Ltd , it is the main business entity of its parent company in Mainland China. The company has the business qualifications of drugs, medical devices, toxic drugs and other kinds of medicines and medical devices, and its business scope covers chemical drugs, antibiotic preparations, biochemical drugs, proprietary Chinese medicines, etc. The company passed the new GSP certification in 2014, and has a medical logistics storage center with an area of nearly 2500 square meters in Hangzhou, which is equipped with the refrigeration house, cool warehouse, normal temperature warehouse, cold chain distribution vehicles, central air conditioning and other facilities and equipment. Its sales channels cover more than 100 medical institutions in a number of cities in Zhejiang Province.

    In addition, the company also has a mature academic promotion system for prescription drugs in Mainland China and a promotion network made up of about 700 professional academic promotion personnel, covering more than 18,000 medical institutions at all levels in more than 300 cities across the country. It has established long-term good cooperation with the departments of respiration, cardiology, urination, skin, nerve, tumor and other departments of the above-mentioned medical institutions. The company also has the departments of marketing, medicine, business, risk control, registration, data management and other supporting departments, which can provide guidance or support for market access, commodity price, medical insurance, compliance, academic support, data analysis, etc.

    At the meeting, Mao Huan, director of the Subdistrict Office, reviewed the development of the economic and social undertakings of the Street Committee in 2018 and gave an introduction to the achievements of the Street Committee in economic development, investment promotion, industrial upgrading, enterprise service and project construction. At the same time, he proposed a layout for 2019 in four aspects: industrial system construction, industrial pattern linkage, transformation momentum cultivation and business environment construction.

    Deputy Director He fully affirmed the economic work of the Street Committee in 2018, much of which took the lead in the district. He praised the remarkable achievements that had been made, and expressed thanks to the enterprises for their contributions to the economic and social development of Xiacheng District. He encouraged the Street Committee to seize opportunities and meet challenges in 2019, to solve the four major problems of space, environment, service and industrial agglomeration and to create a new situation in promoting the construction of a all-region central business district, and put forward opinions in three aspects: 

    1. See the situation clearly and seize new opportunities for development. 

    Rely on the large development space of Xiacheng District, focus on project attraction, construction, production, quality and benefits, carry out investment promotion and attract Zhejiang businessmen to return, and speed up the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and the cultivation and development of emerging industries. 

    2.Dare to overcome difficulties and focus on the development of new impetus. 

    Make full use of strengths to offset weaknesses, strengthen our advantageous industries, make our service enterprises bigger and stronger, develop new industries, implement the 'Six Major Actions' thoroughly, promote the 'Integration of Digital Industrialization, Industrial Digitalization and City Digitalization', make every effort to do real deeds related to people's livelihood, and showcase Chaoming's new highlights.

    3.Unite as one and showcase the new look of Chaoming. 

    Be more practical in terms of the work style, further enhance the service awareness, effectively help enterprises solve problems and difficulties, and create close and incorruptible relationship between politics and commerce. Entrepreneurs should carry forward the craftsmanship spirit, give full play to the 'leading wild goose effect' and make greater contributions to the accelerated construction of Xiacheng District.

    In 2019, Zhejiang Medical will continue to work hard and make continuous progress! In the new year, while strengthening the enterprise construction, it will continuously increase the economic benefits of enterprises and make continuous and powerful contributions to the economic development of society. 

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