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    2019 year
    06 day
    Chai Shimin, head of Xiacheng District, and his entourage visited Winhealth

    On March 6, Chai Shimin, head of the district, and his entourage visited Winhealth Health Industrial Park in Xiacheng District, accompanied by the principal officials of the district government office, Chaoming Street Committee, and Xiacheng District State-owned Investment Holding Group.

    Chai and his entourage first visited the functional areas of Winhealth Health Industrial Park, learned about the current industrial layout and development status of the park, then held a symposium to listen to a report made by Wang Wei, head of the Winhealth Industrial Park and president of Winhealth Group about the general situation of the park, project orientation, development process, Hong Kong IPO plan and future plans.

    Chai Shimin, head of Xiacheng District, and his entourage visited Winhealth

    Chai first gave positive comments on the achievements made by the industrial park in 2018. He pointed out that in the past year, Winhealth Group successfully held the first 'China Summit for NASDAQ Innovative Pharmaceutical Enterprises and Hangzhou CBD Summit', jointly established the 'Fenghuang Valley' project with the Xiacheng District Government, and made a series of achievements such as Round B financing in the listing plan, which are the results of the joint efforts and consistent goals of both sides. Chai hoped that in the future, both sides can give full play to their advantages, further deepen cooperation in 2019, continue to introduce resources, increase efforts to incubate and cultivate listed enterprises, make efforts to promote the economic development of Xiacheng District, and lay a good foundation for long-term and sustainable development in the future.

    Mr. Wang Wei, president of Winhealth Group, said that in the days to come, Winhealth Group will strive to build a pharmaceutical third-party integrated service platform that integrates smart Internet+, use big data to provide doctors and patients with more professional and accurate services, keep introducing excellent medical products and services at home and abroad, actively promote the sustainable and healthy economic development, and make contributions to the development of Xiacheng District!

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