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    2020 year
    01 day
    We are in action (2)丨Giving our support to residential community with 13000 medical gloves!

    Winhealth Pharma Group has attached great importance to the work related to the epidemic since the outbreak of the epidemic. It has set up a 'temporary special emergency team' at the earliest time, quickly decided to donate 500,000 yuan to relevant medical institutions in Wuhan City through the Wuhan Red Cross Society to support the prevention and control of novel coronavirus pneumonia, constantly dispatch much-needed medical materials to relevant hospitals across the country, and urged product manufacturers to speed up the transfer of goods and production of urgently needed drugs in the epidemic areas, giving full support to the epidemic areas. 



    Urgent allocation to support residential district

    At a time when medical supplies are in short supply, Winhealth Pharma Group did all it could and donated 13,000 medical gloves to Chaoming Residential District in Xiacheng District of Hangzhou through emergency allocation and multi-party procurement, so as to better carry out epidemic prevention and control. Taking root in and serving Xiacheng District, Winhealth Pharma Group is always concerned about the epidemic prevention and control in this district, and will continue to contribute its own strength to the development and construction of the region.

    我们一直在行动(2)丨振臂一呼,应者云集!维健员工为爱应援! 我们一直在行动(2)丨振臂一呼,应者云集!维健员工为爱应援!

    There is hope as long as there is love, whether big or small! The employees of Winhealth Pharma Group sincerely thank all the medical workers who are still fighting in the frontline at this moment, as well as people who are busy carrying out and assisting the epidemic prevention and control, and wish them all the best. It is just their persistence and hard work in the frontline that have ensured the health and safety of the people! Hopefully they can take care of themselves and return home early


    Winhealth is in action all the time to support the epidemic areas!


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