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    2020 year
    21 day
    U.S. Cumberland Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Winhealth Pharm Group Jointly Help Fight the Epidemic!

    Following Chinese government’s active measure of kicking off the nationwide epidemic prevention and control work in face of the sudden attack of the epidemic, Winhealth Pharm Group also entered the status of comprehensive epidemic prevention and control the first time around, immediately donated money to support the attacked area and actively offered material assistance. In the current critical period of epidemic prevention and control, partners of Winhealth Pharm Group have also taken actions, voluntarily donating supplies to refuel for the fight. 


    Cumberland CEO A.J. Kazimi

    On February 6, 2020, Cumberland Pharmaceutical decided to donate a batch of medical protective supplies including surgical masks and protective clothing to Winhealth Pharma to express its deep concerns for its partner in the epidemic situation. On February 21, a container full of masks arrived at Winhealth Pharma by international express delivery, which warmed hearts of the Winhealth staff in the 'war' against the epidemic and witnessed the friendship between the two enterprises.


    With the help of all parties, we believe that we will be able to struggle out of the difficulties and recover the healthy and normal situation of work and life. Here, we would like to express our deep gratitude to Cumberland Pharmaceutical for their support to Winhealth Pharma! We look forward to further deepening our cooperation and creating more win-win situations together in the future!

    About Cumberland Pharmaceutical

    Cumberland pharmaceuticals, a NASDAQ-listed specialty pharmaceutical company, develops, acquires and commercializes brands of prescription drugs in hope of improving medical quality and addressing unmet medical demands

    About Hong Kong Winhealth Pharma Group Co., Ltd

    Headquartered in Hong Kong and founded in Hangzhou, Winhealth Pharma Group is an integrated and one-stop professional service platform focusing on drug registration, product import, market access, massive commercialization and life cycle management.

    As a novel pharmaceutical enterprise devoting to promoting the development of the medical and healthcare industry in China, Winhealth Pharma Group is committed to introducing advanced healthcare products and medical technologies worldwide into the Chinese market, providing diverse therapies, medical information communication channels and other treatment and rehabilitation resources to the medical community and patients as well so as to build a leading full-cycle, integrated and customized market access solution provider and a commercial service platform via our CDCO Model (Contract Development, and Commercialization Organization).

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