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    2020 year
    31 day
    2021 New Year Address by President of Hongkong Winhealth Pharma

    Dear colleagues and partners of Hongkong Winhealth Pharma Group:


    2020 is drawing to a close. We are a witness of the times.


    In retrospect of the night of January 24 - Lunar New Year’s Eve, the Internet and TV were flooded with reports on “Wuhan lockdown” and COVID-19 epidemic. The company deeply realized the severity of the epidemic. On the occasion when families should reunite, we urgently established a “temporary case emergency team”, and quickly decided to donate RMB 500,000 and supplies to Wuhan, which reflected the duty of every colleague as a medical person. Thereafter, Winhealth Pharma rolled out special actions of fighting against the epidemic and rescuing the affected areas, arousing unanimous response from the entire workforce and partners, and gradually expanding impact to surrounding areas and even overseas. Thanks to the endeavor and support of all Winhealth employees and their families, as well as numerous partners, we managed to carry out the COVID-19 prevention and control smoothly, and resume business operation in an orderly manner. Therefore, I feel grateful and extremely proud.


    In 2020, times are changing, and we have also once again confirmed the value of Winhealth in the huge waves of this era. In the past year, Winhealth Pharma has made considerable development and innovative breakthroughs. Numerous substantial progress and achievements have been made in various businesses such as Innovative Therapeutics Division (ITD), Established Pharmaceutical Division (EPD) and Internet E-commerce with rare diseases as the core. Even in the most difficult times, every employee of Winhealth Pharma Group sticks to their respective positions and strives to build a high-quality and innovative biomedical technology company focusing on innovative drugs such as products for rare diseases and covering the whole industry chain development.

    01 Develop the core competitiveness in innovation, and achieve remarkably in focusing on rare diseases

    2020 is a year of rapid development for the Innovative Therapeutics Division focusing on rare diseases. The Division is committed to continuously introducing product portfolio of innovative drugs focusing on rare diseases, actively carrying out in-depth cooperation with developed countries such as European countries, the United States and Japan, promoting research, development and clinical trials of innovative drugs, thereby accelerating the process of constructing product portfolio of innovative drugs.


    In recent years, the reform of regulatory policy for national medical products has accelerated the development and marketing of new drugs. In 2021, we will continue to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, continue to insist on the introduction of innovative drugs focusing on rare diseases (orphan drugs), synchronize drug research and development experiments, establish research and development bases, build research and development pipelines of innovative products, and provide a more comprehensive, complete and core innovative product portfolio, so as to allow global and domestic patients to benefit from the research and development achievements of global innovative drugs more quickly.


    Our rare disease strategy made a major breakthrough in Hainan, centering on the principle of 'Patient First'. In November, “Bo’ao Winhealth Rare Disease Medical Center” was officially launched in Bo’ao, Hainan, witnessed by the leaders of Hainan Provincial Health Commission, Hainan Provincial Medical Products Administration and Bo’ao Lecheng Administration, as well as many media, with its first experts forum being successfully held simultaneously. At present, the center has signed several rare disease products that have been marketed overseas, such as SCENESSE® (afamelanotide 16mg) and Orphacol® (cholic acid capsule). With the advantage of “early and pilot implementation” policy of Bo’ao Lecheng Pilot Zone, domestic patients with rare diseases will be able to enjoy relevant diagnosis and treatment services in Bo’ao. Domestic patients with rare diseases will have priority access to the global most cutting-edge diagnosis and treatment services in Bo’ao Lecheng.

    2021 New Year Address by President of Hongkong Winhealth Pharma2021 New Year Address by President of Hongkong Winhealth Pharma2021 New Year Address by President of Hongkong Winhealth Pharma2021 New Year Address by President of Hongkong Winhealth Pharma2021 New Year Address by President of Hongkong Winhealth Pharma


    Following the participation in the establishment of the Working Committee of Medication for Rare Diseases of China last year, Winhealth Pharma participated in the 2nd Working Conference of Medication for Rare Diseases again this year, and participated in the 12th Chinese Pharmacist Conference as the strategic partner. Winhealth Pharma, as the vice chairman unit of the Working Committee of Medication for Rare Diseases of the Chinese Pharmacists Association and the member unit of the China Rare Diseases Alliance, participated in and promoted this year’s sub-forum on medication for rare diseases featuring the theme of “Science, Technology, Promotion and Accessibility”. As we gradually reached cooperation with more organizations and institutions for rare diseases, and actively promoted the development of various related academic activities such as the sub-forum for rare diseases, the company has achieved substantial progress from conception to implementation in the field of rare diseases, which has laid a solid foundation for the long-term development of Winhealth Pharma in the undertaking of rare diseases.


    In 2021, with the joint efforts of various forces, we will dig deeper into the collaborative resources of Winhealth Pharma in the vertical field of rare diseases, and make full use of our own resource advantages in the industry, so that the world’s leading medical technology resources can be accessible to patients more quickly. Moreover, we will further improve the diagnosis and treatment level of rare diseases in China, and innovate new payment modes of medication for rare diseases, so as to bring new hope to more patients. I firmly believe that our future will usher in a more vigorous “spring”!


    02 Comply with national policies, and deepen and accelerate the layout of product pipelines

    In 2020, even in an environment where the global epidemic is still severe, Winhealth Pharma still focuses on the urgent medical needs of domestic patients, continues to introduce global high-quality pharmaceutical products to the Chinese market. We has successively reached new strategic cooperation with numerous enterprises such as Cheplapharm, Ferring Pharma, Asahi Kasei and Kyowa Kirin, introducing Xenical® (Orlistat Capsules), Glypressin® (Terlipressin for Injection), Naftopidil® (Naftopidil Tablets), NESP® (darbepoetin α Injection) and other important products, and continuously enriches and strengthens the existing five major product pipelines to form effective synergy with related existing products.

    2021 New Year Address by President of Hongkong Winhealth Pharma2021 New Year Address by President of Hongkong Winhealth Pharma2021 New Year Address by President of Hongkong Winhealth Pharma


    03 Creating a digital ecosystem, and satisfying the needs of more patients

    Efficient digital ecosystem is an essential long-term layout for the considerable development of enterprises and the construction of their vitality. In 2020, the company has been focusing on this.


    In order to ensure the efficient implementation of market strategy, our marketing system and Marketing Department responded quickly under the environment where traditional marketing and office mode were greatly challenged during the epidemic. Relying on mature digital means and platforms, we realized cloud office, cloud conference and cloud synergy instantly, which delivered a shot in the arm for the enterprise. Moreover, various academic conferences were carried out as scheduled simultaneously, so that doctors and customers can enjoy the convenience brought by the digital service of Winhealth Pharma.


    In 2020, in order to improve the overall efficiency of the enterprise, the company CRM (Customer Management System), MIS (Management Information System) and other systems have been successfully established, so that our digital marketing strategy has also stepped to a higher level. With keen insight and intelligent processing of information, the digital system provides effective guidance and powerful support for the formulation of the company's marketing strategies, the improvement of marketing team efficiency, the supervision of marketing process and other aspects and links.


    In order to improve the accessibility of patients to products, Winhealth Pharma teamed up with Internet medical platforms such as 111,Inc. and to provide patients with free online diagnosis and return visits for chronic diseases, which solved the problems of patients' difficulty in going out and purchasing medicines during the epidemic. In the future, digital medical treatment solutions will also satisfy the needs of more patients, improve the medical service environment, and bring great convenience to patients’ lives.


    To further enrich the construction of the digital ecosystem, cross-border e-commerce business of Winhealth Pharma has been officially launched in the middle of the year. The first cross-border e-commerce project “Precision Biotics” got off to a flying start. Winhealth Pharma won the agency right of its official flagship stores in JD and Tmall for eight years. Meanwhile, the overseas flagship store has officially launched on Tmall Global and reached a strategic cooperation relationship with ROKIT Group of South Korea. Since then, it has entered a new stage of digital development.


    04 Adhere to the good faith business philosophy, and believe in the power of dream and recognition

    Compliance and integrity are the “ballast stone” for the development of Winhealth Pharma. We always emphasize the importance of integrity and compliance, and allow the compliance culture and integrity spirit to run through every link and corner of the production and operation of the enterprise and employees. Meanwhile, in order to continuously adapt to the company's development needs and Chinese pharmaceutical environmental policies, the compliance construction of Winhealth Pharma will also be further developed. With long-term compliance development experience and more powerful compliance management and training model, it will continue to provide strong guarantee for the sustainable development of the enterprise.


    Mutual achievement and common growth are the consistent talent strategies of Winhealth Pharma. The company has been concerned about the growth and development of every employee. Through persistent and gradual corporate culture construction, continuous deepening of talent training mechanism, diversified training programs, and a series of measures such as the development of succession plan, Winhealth Pharma has provided the employees with the soil to build their dreams and realize self-worth.

    The bell of 2021 is about to ring. The future is always full of unknowns and challenges. But I firmly believe that if we are always enthusiastic about our undertaking, then the unknowns and challenges will no longer hinder us.


    In 2021, let us move towards the unswerving goal of becoming an innovative biomedical company focusing on medication for rare diseases and specialist diseases based on the significantly unmet medical needs of China and its surrounding areas.


    In 2021, let us sweat for the common mission of “providing patients with effective clinical treatment in time”.


    I would like to extend my thanks to all colleagues of Winhealth Pharma for your continuous hard work and selfless dedication to Winhealth, and to all partners for your support, love and trust in Winhealth Pharma! 


    Here I’d like to send my best wishes to you. May all your wishes come true, and Happy New Year!



    Hongkong Winhealth Pharma Group Co., Ltd.

    Founder, Board Chairman and CEO

    Jack Wang






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