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    overview Corporate Overview about us Headquartered in Hong Kong and founded in Hangzhou, Winhealth Pharma Group is a intergrated and one-stop professional service platform focusing on drug registration, product import, market access, massive commercialization, and life cycle management. Winhealth Pharma Group is dedicated to advancing Chinese pharmaceutical and healthcare industry and committed to introducing worldwide healthcare products and technologies into the Chinese market. We aim to provide diverse therapies, medical information communication channels, and other resources to the medical community and patients as well. Since the establishment, WinHealth Phamra has been pursuing our mission of faster and more efficient access and commercialization of worldwide new specialty products to benefit all patients, and adhering the core value of COLLABORATION, DEVOTION, CHALLENGE, AND OPEN. We are determined to be a full-cycle integrated and customized market access solution provider and a commercial serv...
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    The world we live in has been undergoing tremendous and unprecedented growth.
    We are ready to unveil a new era, in which people will live healthier and happier.

    To this end, people across the globe and of different colors, are working relentlessly to make dreams come true and build our world a better one.
    Saving lives and making our world a better and healthier one.
    For this cause, we will work with full passion and speed.
    3rd Floor, Winhealth Industrial Park, No. 272 Huancheng East Road, Xiacheng District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
    BD@winhealth.Hk (overseas)
    0571-8718 6358